Free Consultation

Yes, your consultation is free. Take advantage of meeting Dr. Dixon personally and explaining what you would like to achieve with your permanent makeup.

Wear your makeup to the consultation as you would like to have it applied. Whether you like your eyeliner thick or thin is entirely up to you. Just let Dr. Dixon see how you would like to "Wake Up with Makeup".

Keep your Color Fresh

One thing Dr. Dixon has learned and that is that permanent makeup is rarely permanent. At least not in Hawaii when it comes to eyebrows and lipcolor. The sunshine definitely will fade even your finest permanent makeup over time so plan to have your makeup refreshed every year or two or more. When you reach for your makeup brush then it's time to have your retouch. Schedule a yearly retouch and it only costs $100. Wait for two years and it will be $200. So you can see that it is to your advantage to keep your makeup fresh in our tropical climate. Don't wait until it is barely visible to come back.

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