Getting Started

We want to know you. We'll give you a Medical History Form to complete. We especially want to know what medications you are taking and if you have any allergies. Please let us know about any permanent makeup procedures you had before you came to us and also let us know if you have any body tattoos.

We want to know if you have any history of hepatitis or other blood borne pathogens since it may not be advisable for you to have a cosmetic tattoo procedure. If you are pregnant or nursing, you'll want to wait until this period has passed before scheduling permanent makeup procedures. Do not take any aspirin or Ibuprophen before your procedure. Ginko biloba and other herbs as well as Vitamin E can cause your blood to not clot as fast as you might normally.

We like to know if you have had an eye exam in the last year if we're doing eyeliner. Also, let us know if you wear contact lenses, soft or hard, or if you've had Lasix surgery. We want to protect you for any possible adverse event which could result from your not providing us with a good history.

We give you an FDA Form which advises you of all the undesired effects of permanent makeup which include the most common complaints women have who have undergone these procedures. They are listed on your Informed Consent Form. We need to know if English is your first language so that we can be confident that you understand the benefits and risks of permanent makeup procedures.

You also agree that you will use a licensed arbitrator in the State of Hawaii for any disputes or adverse event resolution. This is to avoid lengthy and costly litigation. Permanent makeup is not a medical procedure and it is never an emergency. Dr. Dixon has sixteen years experience in the science and art of micropigmentation and will work with you to achieve your desired result. It's not possible to make everyone happy but if you are patient, you will get a pleasing result. It just takes time and teamwork.

After you have read and completed the paperwork it's time to get started on your procedure. A topical anesthetic will be applied in most cases so that you will be comfortable during your procedure. Permanent makeup isn't painless but pain can be controlled and we will try to stay ahead of any discomfort you may have. You will sense pressure around the area as a firm grip is necessary to protect you and put in just the right amount of color. Don't be embarrassed if you are a "sissy". You are normal and we will take care of your needs. You must communicate your concerns promptly so we can address them and move forward.

Questions? Just ask us in person or by email or give us a call. We're here for you.

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