Meet Dr. Dixon

Linda H Dixon MD

Dr. Dixon in action

Dr. Dixon is both a Dental Hygienist and a physician specializing in Anesthesiology. She attended the University of Hawaii School of Medicine in 1969 and graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1972.  She is a pioneer in permanent makeup beginning in 1979 when she requested to have her eyeliner tattooed at Skin Deep in Lahaina. They had never heard of such a thing but she promised to sit still while they tried to put a line around her eyelids without any pain control. That experience, both painful and minimally successful, started Dr. Dixon on the path to create pain control in permanent makeup in the mid-nineties. She bought her first tattoo machines from two brothers in New York in 1991 and has been practicing permanent makeup since 1995. She does approximately 20-30 cases per week and educates other permanent makeup professionals including her three apprentices. She discovered and developed the Dixon Technique which has begun to revolutionize the entire profession because it produces rich lipcolor, eyebrow hair-like strokes and smoky, smudgy eyeliner in less time with better color results.

About Dr. Dixon

A native of Reno, Nevada, Dr. Dixon first came to Hawaii in 1969 and lived in Haleiwa while attending the University of Hawaii Medical School.  Her three children are grown. She practiced medicine in Marin County, California for 17 years and for 16 years in Hawaii at Straub Clinic and Hospital, Castle Medical Center, St. Francis and Tripler Army Medical Center.

About Wakeup with Makeup

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About Dr. Dixon and the AAM

Dr. Dixon was Board Certified in 1996 by the Academy of Micropigmentation and is now the President. The AAM has rigorous exams for both technicians and instructors and is the only non-profit organization in the world to offer this 3-part Board Certification to assure the public an extra measure of safety and assurance of quality micropigmentation. Click here: American Academy of Micropigmentation

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