Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to help you look like yourself, only better. Naturally. We feel that restoring color to the face turns back the clock and helps you be less self-conscious.

For our cancer patients, we feel you deserve to be rewarded. You are a true survivor and we want to give you a small gift. That is why we do not charge you for any permanent makeup procedures. As a member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation SAAVE program, we choose to serve our cancer patients and help restore their dignity. This includes eyeliner, eyebrows and breast micropigmentation.

We understand that micropigmentation cannot and does not look like ordinary makeup because it is in the skin. Therefore, you are always seeing the other colors present in the skin which affects your healed result. We also understand that "permanent makeup" fades over time and therefore the color is not permanent and will need to be refreshed regularly depending on the location.

We also want you to know that micropigmentation is a cosmetic, invasive procedure and needs to heal. You should keep your face and hands clean, very clean, during the healing period. For eyeliner this is about 3-4 days. For brows, healing takes up to 5-7 days. And for lipcolor, you're looking at 3-10 days as a rule.

We care deeply about our patients and try to please you. This is not always possible. However, as a team we can work together to help you Wake Up with Makeup and be happy that you chose our services.

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