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Fifteen year old female brow hairloss



I saw this young 15 y/o patient today for consult who desired eyebrows. She has been shaving her own eyebrows with resultant hairloss. She was brought in by her mother and grandmother. I had done her grandmother's brows a few months ago. During the consult we chose compatible brow pigment colors and were able to obtain a pleasing brow shape with eyebrow pencil. The informed consent was signed by the young lady, her mother and grandmother. Topical Anesthetic: TAG #45 Gel . Pigment: Softap AMBER. Instruments: Handtool #12 slant, #8 shader PUMA double coil tattoo machine

Alopecia Patient: Before

Brow and eyeliner pencil only. Client completely without any eyelashes or eyebrows. Eyelids had rubbery texture. A topical anesthetic was used that stays put and does not melt or run into the eye. No occlusive dressings are ever used over eyelids.
After: Dimensional Eyelash Technique™ & Brows
Pigments: Brows- Kolorsource Honey Brow; Eyeliner Kolorsource Spanish Eyes; Topical Anesthetic Numfast™ 2% Green Creme by Unit Dose. Second color will be added to eyelashes for dimensional effect at her focus visit.

Young mother with Alopecia Totalis x 3 years for eyebrows and eyeliner. She wanted her eyeliner connected at the lateral canthus. While marking the area with a fine tip Taklon brush and pigment, I drew on a few eyelashes at the same time. So I decided to make tiny eyelash strokes at approximately a 45º angle with a #9 magnum needle turned so it was two needles wide. By varying the pressure on the needles, I was able to achieve thicker, darker eyelashes at the base of the eyelid and then wispy as the needle was rotated upward and out of the skin.

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