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Tattoo Blues!



Eyeliner case I did yesterday with Blooper to help the client (flight attendant) get rid of her tattoo-blues.

She's 49 year old caucasian who developed a blue eyeliner effect.

Topical anesthetics: DOTC Blue and TAG #45.
Needles: #5 round liner and #28

Softap grouping. Blooper neutral pigment was added to Softap "Milk Chocolate" to help the client get rid of the "blues".

The tattoo blues are another interesting topic. Natural black iron oxide tends to want to oxidize to the typical "rust" red. Great efforts are made to modify the black iron oxides so that they have a "blue" undertone. So the pigment suppliers in our industry buy the "Jet Black" thinking they're getting a true black but in fact it has blue undertones. The result? Tattoo Blues!

Dr. Linda Dixon


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