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Corrective Eyeliner





Eyeliner This 68 y/o C female presented for correction of previous permanent makeup. Her history includes permanent brow, eyeliner and lipcolor procedures done over 4 years ago in California. Subsequently, she has underdone cosmetic surgery including excision of her upper eyeliner at the same time she had blepharoplasty and canthopexy. The shape of her eyes bothered her due to the cosmetic surgery and she wished to get rid of the "square" appearance of her outer eyelids at the lateral canthus. She desired turquoise eyeliner. Her eyebrows have turned the typical bluish/gray/purple over time and she was missing color in her R. brow from skin cancer removal with liquid nitrogen. She had considerable scarring along the entire upper eyelids subsequent to the cosmetic surgical removal of her previous permanent makeup during her blepharoplasty. Considerable time was spent with her and her friend to determine her desired shape, colors and cosmetic enhancement of her eyes and brows.

Colors were custom mixed as follows:
a) Eyeliner: Blooper plus Softap Tempting Teal plus Tri-Lab Slate
b) Brows: Blooper plus Softap Bashful Blonde

Her lips will be done at a future time.

She applied eyeliner pencil to the desire shape which approximated a Cleopatra dramatic design. I carefully marked these with an ultra-fine surgical marker.

Topical Anesthetics: MicroCaine for eyelids followed by TAG #45;
For brows I used 2 passes with the Ultra-Peel Microdermabrasion machine followed by TAG #45.

She tolerated the procedure well. Notice there is no eye irritation. I used a #5 tight liner with the Revolution II machine by Huck Spaudling for eyelids. I used a #5 liner with PUMA coil machine for eyebrows. I also used a #12 Softap needle on eyebrows for shaping while she was in the sitting position. Otherwise the patient was supine. During the procedure the patient made made trips to the mirror so we could all determine the progress was satisfactory.

This is a case in point of a dramatic "Cleopatra" effect for her eyeliner in a dramatic color as well. It also illustrates how a flattering brow color can be obtained despite prior permanent makeup. It also reveals that eyelid distortion from canthopexy and blepharoplasty and scarring can be minimized in order to enhance one's appearance.

Dr. Linda Dixon


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