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The most common questions we hear are "Does it hurt?" and "How much does it cost?"

We base our charges on your needs and desired result and from experience we know what it will take to complete your procedure. A lot of people come to Dr. Dixon because they need her to "fix" someone else's work. This can be challenging and requires patience on both your part and her part. You become a team with a goal and a plan on how to get there.

We learned a long time ago that people are unique and what may look good on someone else may not look good on you. That is why we take the time needed to achieve your goal. Some people have unrealistic goals such as thinking if they have eyebrows like Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor that they will be beautiful like them. Feel free to bring in picture of eyebrows that you like but don't count on looking like the model or actress when your finished. We had a woman in her 70's who brought in a picture of Julia Roberts... well, you can imagine the ending of that story. Don't get us wrong. We can give you a very pleasing brow but our pens are not wands and you will benefity by being realistic.

On the other hand, you may want brows that are flat or too high or too peaked or look like McDonald's arches. We just won't do that even though you say you want us to. We're just not comfortable tattooing makeup on your face that won't enhance your appearance.

Oh, if you have a husband or boyfriend that gets upset because you had your makeup done, don't come to us and ask us to remove it. It's not possible. Plan ahead and discuss it with your partner BEFORE you make a decision to get your makeup done. It's your face and your choice. But you have to live with your partner so make sure no conflict will arise with an angry spouse. We call this the ASS or Angry Spouse Syndrome. It is our goal to make YOU happy. Not your friends or your partner. If you are happy then we are happy. It's as simple as that.

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